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About us

Our Heritage

Pasta Loco celebrates the Italian heritage of cousins Ben and Dominic, while also paying tribute to Bristol, a city of community, comfort and soul. For the boys, there’s nothing that represents the same more than a fresh plate of pasta. Bringing different but complementary skills to the dinner table, Ben and Dominic are two essential ingredients in the finest homemade recipe. They are a formidable family force in the kitchen and on the floor, and just like their Nonna Bianchi, occasionally at the bar as well.

Dominic Borel

Dominic has been showing people a good time for a long time, his dazzling social prowess matched only by his entrepreneurial spirit.  Having managed some of Sydney’s premiere venues, Dominic has gained an extensive knowledge on food, wine, cocktails and coffee. However, the family force remained too strong a pull, and nothing has proved more enriching than being home in the UK and embarking upon this exciting new venture with his best friend.

Ben Harvey

One of five spirited siblings, Ben was a passionate food lover at the beginning, emanating a satisfied hum during meals amid the noisy din of his brothers and sister. Ben has had a diverse culinary career but, most significantly, he spent four months as a chef at a highly reputable Trattoria in Northern Italy, a place where he learnt to respect the use of fine ingredients by understanding the importance and beauty of simplicity. innovative cuisine ever further at Pasta Loco.

Jonny Byles

Jonny started his journey at pasta loco in late 2018. After spending several years working in kitchens around bristol, he fell in love with pasta locos’ palpable vibes, second to none service and unique style of food. working underneath head chef Konrad jaworski for 2 years was a huge influence on Jonnys’ food style but now it’s 2021 and it’s his turn to take the reigns of the pasta loco kitchen to bring his own version of delicious to the vibrant loco menu. In a nut shell jonny works and cooks from his heart, he just wants you to feel the love.

Jen Winwood

Having spent her entire life moving around and living abroad, Jen developed a taste for all things food and drink early on in her life.  After living in Naples back in 2010 she discovered the charm of Italian food with its freshness and wholesome flavours. With a love of sherry and blue cheese, Jen  has been serving sass on Bristol hospitality scene for the last 8 years.  With a background in cocktails & events, joining the Loco tribe was the next step in her journey before perusing her future adventures.